Your First Visit

The first appointment is typically about 1 hour long. Dr. McLeod will first review your paperwork. After a full review of your medical history, Dr. McLeod will perform an exam covering multiple systems, focusing on the area of complaint. During the exam, Dr. McLeod will use various techniques to find the cause of the complaint using applied kinesiology, neurological exam, orthopedic testing and functional movement analysis. Depending on the findings, Dr. McLeod may suggest imaging such as x-rays, or refer you to another health care provider.

Dr. McLeod will bring your attention to possible weaknesses present during the exam. Many times, where you have pain or discomfort is not where the problem originates, and because of this interconnected nature, Dr. McLeod evaluates the whole body before arriving at a diagnosis.

The last part of the patient visit will involve a review of findings. Dr. McLeod will reiterate what was found during the exam and the best ways to go about addressing the problem. You and Dr. McLeod are partners in your care so she will likely go over a home care regime so you can get the most out of your treatment plan. Home care might include home therapy such as moist heat, supplementation and different exercises or stretches.

McLeod Chiropractic is a fee-for-service practice so we do not accept insurance. You can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. Dr. McLeod can provide you with the necessary paperwork to do so.

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