What is Laser Therapy and How Can it Help Me?

Low level laser therapy is a pain-free treatment in which focused light is utilized to promote healing. The light infuses the body’s cells to stimulate cell regeneration, increased blood flow and decreases inflammation.

While research on laser therapy began well over 50 years ago, it is only more recently that lasers have gained traction as being an irreplaceable healing modality. The laser Dr. McLeod utilizes has FDA market clearance.

Laser therapy can help with both acute and chronic conditions through interacting with the mitochondria, known of the powerhouse of our cells. It has also been shown to up-regulate the production of fibroblasts; the cells that aid in collagen production.

Countless conditions can be treated with laser therapy. The following list of conditions shown to be helped by laser therapy, however it is not exhaustive.

Sprains/StrainsPost-surgical painWhiplashMuscular painRadiculopathyOsteoarthritisRheumatoid ArthritisFibromyalgiaTendinitisFrozen ShoulderEpicondylitisCarpal Tunnel SyndromePlantar FascitisChronic Regional Pain SyndromeNeuropathic pain