Does chiropractic hurt?

After adjustments, a small percentage of patients feel a soreness, akin to that after a good work-out. This soreness typically lasts 1-2 days. Dr. McLeod will let you know if she believes you will feel this soreness and discuss ways to alleviate it.

Is chiropractic safe?

Short answer; Yes. Absolutely, yes. The American Chiropractic Association answers this question beautifully. 

I have had surgery. Can I still have chiropractic care?

Yes. Depending on the type of surgery you have had, some methods of treatment may have to be modified, but this is the beauty of chiropractic care; everyone is treated as an individual. 

Why doesn’t Dr. McLeod take insurance? 

Being an in-network provider means you play by their rules. Insurance companies deliberately try to find ways to cut patients off from receiving the care they need and deserve. They do not cover maintenance visits for chiropractic, but instead want our patients to wait until they are injured before they seek treatment. 

Dr. McLeod is not a “typical” doctor and as such, her methods of diagnosing and treating are not covered by insurance companies. When Dr. McLeod opened the practice, she had a decision to make; either sign-up to be in network with insurance companies and change the way she treats patients, or continue to give her patients what they have come to expect from her, combining all her areas of expertise into a comprehensive method of care she could offer. 

What does Dr. McLeod charge?

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Can I be reimbursed by my insurance company?

Every insurance company and every plan differs, so ultimately you need to call your company with your ID number handy to get an accurate answer. Once you confirm with your insurance company that you are eligible for reimbursement, Dr. McLeod will provide the necessary statements required. 

What are Dr. McLeod’s hours? 

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