Being Grounded: Staying Sane in a Chaotic World - A 30-day Guide

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Our world is ridden with propaganda and distractions keeping you from stepping into your fullest potential. Our subconscious is being manipulated in such a way that we remain mostly unaware. What you will find in this book are easy-to-implement tips to strengthen your mind and keep you focused on things important to you. "Being Grounded" is a four-part guide to energetically and mentally re-balance oneself. The introduction reviews why we need to have a clear and steady mind in a world where we are constantly being flooded with mostly misguided information. The 30-day guide outlines mini-steps one can take to train the mind-body to maintain awareness and mental clarity in day-to-day life. Following the 30-day guide are tidbits of information and little tricks to help you on your 'Being Grounded' journey. The final part of the book describes the societal implications of practicing grounding on a regular basis.

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